Designed & Engineered to be

simple, reliable, and EASY!

We created this product to do one thing and one thing only.

Increase throughput and sample integrity

Cost Effective
Easy to Use
Visibile Indicator
Plug and Play
Zero programming
Satisfied Customers

Our easyError indicator light is everything you need to help keep your instrument running and nothing more.

How it works

Designed and engineered specifically for labs to be simple, reliable, and effective.
LED Indicator

The LED light blinks red when an error occurs and as soon as a user interacts with the PC the light turns off.

Simple Setup

It requires ZERO programming so no need to modify or revalidate methods.

USB Connector

Simply plug the USB into the instrument PC and run one installer.

Yes, it's that EASY!

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*This product is designed and sold by Universal Robotics LLC. We have no affiliation with Hamilton Company. Our product is compatible with Hamilton STAR and STARlet  instruments.